Climate change; what you should know.

Climate change; what you should know.


- 1 -

As of mid-2020, the concentration of carbon dioxyde (CO2) in our atmosphere hit an all time record at 416 parts per million.

 - 2 -

2019 was the warmest year since 1880 and all the warmest years before that were after 2015 according to NASA.

 - 3 -

11% - that's the share of global gas emissions attributed to deforestation. 

 - 4 -

Nature is the best solution to fighting the effects of climate change. No technology available today does a better job at storing carbon emissions than tropical forests. Nevertheless, only 3% of funding allocated to climate change goes into natural solutions.

 - 5 -

Climate solutions going to nature such as planting trees could create 40 jobs for every million dollar invested, this is better than the oil and gas industries by a factor of 6. 

- 6 -

Land restoration has a return on investment of 10. For every dollar invested on the preservation or restoration of impacted land, $10 of benefits is generated on the long run. Today, restoration is critical as 3,2 billion people fall victim of perishing land worldwide. 

- 7 -

800 million people are directly faced with the severe consequences of climate change: droughts, floods, heat waves and extreme weather.

- 8 -

Coastal ecosystems are of critical importance in storing carbon dioxide. They are 10 times as effective as tropical forests in this regard. 

- 9 -

Saving nature is the cheapest way to slow climate change, not technology.


Sources:, nasa.

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